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Titan Skin Tightening

The Titan  Difference

Titan employs light energy because it provides a more uniform distribution of energy for heating the deep dermis than other energy sources, such as RF (Radio Frequency).

How does the Cutera Titan work?

Titan utilizes a safe, infrared light to heat the dermis well below the skin's surface. This heating can cause immediate collagen contraction resulting in tighter skin. During the procedure, the skin's surface is protected through continuous cooling with the Titan handpiece.

What do the treatments feel like?

With each Titan pulse, you will feel a brief heating sensation. Some patients take a mil4 pain reliever beforehand, but many are comfortable without anything.

What happens after the treatment?

Immediately following the treatment, you may notice some redness and mild swelling of the treated area. Both should dissipate within a few hours. Some patients see results immediately however, for most the results are gradual over a three to six month period as new collagen is formed causing the skin to tighten.
This laser skin treatment minimizes skin wrinkles in areas of the body such as the jawline, neck and abdomen by tightening the skin. This is achieved by protecting the epidermis with constant cooling while heating the deep dermis with an infrared light. The heat causes existing collagen to contract while new collagen develops. These laser facial treatments happen over the course of a few months to promote smoother, younger-looking skin. This skin-tightening procedure is essentially a nonsurgical facelift and tummy tuck

Cutera Titan Before and After Photos


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