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Patient Testimonials

First of all, I want to say thank you to Dr. Keith and all the staff at Weston Family Clinic and Genesis Medical Spa.  Without their support and knowledge i would not have been able to accomplish the weight loss that I have.  The weekly weigh ins and the amazingly nice staff at the North Land location kept me motivated and made me feel good and important.
In a matter of 5 1/2 months I have been able to lose and keep off 120 pounds.  This is something that I never dreamt would have been possible.  When I started this journey I though I would just be happy if I lost 75 pounds.  I even thought that was impossible.  But just a few weeks into starting the HCG diet I realized that I was going to reach my weight loss goal of 160+ pounds.
From the very beginning this diet has been simple and achievable.  When Dr. Keith first told me I could only eat 500 calories per day and a very specific group of foods I was apprehensive to say the least.  But from day one and starting the medicine, I realized that I simply was not hungry.  For me the smaller appetite was the most helpful aspect.  Over the past five months, I have learned a million new ways to cook chicken and really found a new found love for it as well.  On this diet you have to remember that Pintrest is your best friend.
Week after week at my weigh-ins, the weight was coming off and so were the inches.  Being as the weight loss was so visible it really kept me going! In as little as two weeks people in my life were noticing a change in me.  The compliments and the well wishes kept rolling in.
Now at 120 pounds lighter I have a completely different outlook on life and a completely different love for myself.  It feels simply amazing to be healthier, to be more active and to be more confident.
Thank you Dr. Keith and your team for changing and saving my life!

My experience at Genesis Spa has only been the most professional and kind with caring personnel.  My skin has never looked this good!  I now have the confidence to go out in public without makeup on for the first time.   I love my visits to Geneis am welcomed and look forward to them.

I just finished my first appointment with Dr. Keith.  I was very impressed with her genuine warmth and professionalism.  She took a tremendous amount of time answering all of my questions with great detail, in terms I could understand.  It was refreshing to find a doctor I  felt comfortable and confident with.  This was a 5 star experience ...

The Aesthetician was very thorough during my consultation and just prior to beginning the session.  She made you feel very comfortable and relaxed which calmed my anxiousness.  The Coolsculpting procedure did not hurt at all!  Just a slight suction then cold for about 5 minutes, then just relax for the remaining time.  Super easy and comfortable.  Excited to see the  results!

I have known Dr. Keith for over 20 years.  When we first moved to Kansas City we looked for a family doctor for the whole family.    We met with Dr. Keith and immediately felt comfortable with her.  She took care of the kids till they became adults and moved.  At 57 I am still seeing Dr. Keith for my annual physicals and still have that same confidence I have had for 20 plus years. 
After moving to Missouri after several years of living in other states, one of my priorities was to find a good primary care physician.  After a lot of looking, from the first visit to Dr. Debra Keith’s office, I knew my search was over.  I found what was right for me
Dr. Keith is professional and detail orientated, yet very personable.   She lays out a plan of action for her patient and continually follow up on it. I appreciate her “gentle persuasion” in reminding me what I need to change.
Dr. Keith is a rare professional these days that doesn’t think of her patients as a number. Her advice and care mean even more to me as I grow older.

I went from a 36" pant size to a 32" with the Coolsculpting treatment on my abdomen! It stung a little for the 1st 10 minutes then I didn't feel much at all. A no brainer to get rid of the fat!


Dr. Debbie is a very important part of our little community of Weston. It is so good to see a doctor locally without having to leave town.
Dr. Debbie is caring, easy to talk to and listens closely to us. Young and old alike appreciate her and her efficient staff. Thank you Dr. Keith.
I first met Dr. Keith at St. Luke's Medical Center then followed her to Weston Family Clinic.  I have seen Dr. Keith for many years, my medical file proves it.
I have always felt at ease with Dr. Keith and confident that my medical needs were being met. I especially like the small clinic atmosphere where 1 am a name and not just a number if I have a number.   The staff has always been friendly and professional.
Dr. Debra Keith has been our family doctor for over 18 years, not only to my husband and l, but also 4 of our sons and our granddaughter. She is so kind and good that she has become a friend also. She is a very thorough doctor. If unsure of things she will recommend a specialist. I will keep her for my doctor for as long as I live. She is also a Christian which is very important to me. She knows me so well and has listened when I have family problems. All I can say is that we love her dearly!
Dr. Keith has been my Doctor for a number of years. She is thoughtful, kind, and an understanding person. She always takes the time to check out all of your problems and concerns. She has become a good friend also.

It is my great pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Dr. Debra Keith.  I have been a patient of Dr. Keith for over twenty years.

The reason I have stayed with her, is her absolute love for her patients.  She is one of the warmest, kindest people you could ever meet.  She loves what she does and it shows.  No one has ever come close to making me feel as comfortable in discussing my medical needs as she does. 
They say great things come from great leaders.  So you get the same warm reception from her employees as well.  It truly is nice to go to her practice and feel that everyone cares.

I started seeing Dr. Keith when she was with a large group of physicians at St Luke’s here in Kansas City.  When she decided to open her own practice, I thought it may be more difficult to drive a few minutes more to see her.  On the contrary, I have loved the small practice feel of her office.  It is nice to go in and know some of her employees by name.  What is even better is that she is more on time and still offers everything and more than I received from the larger practice. 

I love the Genius Medical Spa procedures that are offered now with my regular physician.  It gives me comfort knowing I have a licensed physician providing me these services, and not someone who is trained only for those procedures.  It makes sense to have my physician in charge of my overall health program.

Dr. Keith recently went to bat for me with my insurance company for Botox injections to deal with my migraine headaches.  They did not want to cover the cost.  I know if I didn't have her personal concern for my well-being, that this would not have been approved.  I was dealing with headaches everyday due to severe scoliosis.  I'm happy to say I just had my second dose of injections this week thanks only to Dr. Keith.  More importantly, I only had three days over the last 90 days that I had any headaches at all.  Without her education in the Medical Spa procedures I would still be dealing with migraines.

One last statement in regards to her level of care.  From the beginning she has always paid it forward to the future physicians coming into their choice of medical profession.  It is rare to see her without a student physician learning from my opinion the best in patient care.  I have never refused a student physician to come in and learn from an expert in patient care.  That is truly caring about our future generation of physicians.

To share a short story of her patient loyalty.  I referred one of my best friends to Dr. Keith years ago.  She was working in Overland Park KS. and lived in Odessa MO. but drove to St Luke’s north location to see Dr. Keith.  I happy to say she has gotten married and moved to St. Louis, but still makes the time to drive to Weston, MO. to see Dr. Keith.  Enough said!

If you truly want a physician that cares and makes you feel like a friend or even family, there is no one that comes more highly recommended.



My husband and I have been fortunate to have Dr. Keith & her staff as our primary care for around 15 years. In that time, we have found her to be an excellent doctor who also has compassion and faith. She makes you know that she really cares about you & your family. I have called at times in an emergency situation & they somehow always get you in or steer you to the emergency room if warranted. We look forward to many more years with Dr. Keith and her staff.
-Susan & Jim
I have known Dr. Debra Keith for a long time.  I feel she is a really good Doctor, she knows what she is doing – very knowledgeable. Dr. Keith is very nice and explains everything to you.
I have been a patient of Dr. Keith for so many years now, I can’t count them. I was one of her earliest patients back when she was a fresh faced young doctor just building her practice and now she is a seasoned and experienced doctor who has somehow retained her fresh faced enthusiasm.  Dr. Keith has kept me healthy for many years.  I would never consider seeing another doctor.
I highly recommend anyone looking for an amazing doctor.

Hello, I am a long time patient of Dr. Keith and the Weston Family Clinic. The key for me is in the words "long time." Long time because of the compassionate and quality care received.

It is not assembly line medicine, but a time taking and listening voice of care about one’s medical needs as well as the families of the patients.


The office staff has always been polite and attentive to the needs I would have when I came in for appointments. I believe this happens because Dr. Keith's personality of total care shows through her staff and nurses hired to work at Weston Family Clinic.


Dr. Keith is an excellent doctor whom I credit with saving my life. I would personally and highly recommend her for those looking for a doctor.




I had Coolsculpting on my abdomen and was amazed that although best results are seen in 1-3 months.  I saw a big difference in the 1st week after my 1st treatments!   I could not have any down time. 
It's not a painful procedure and costs less that surgery! I'm happy!
About 11 years ago Dr. Debra Keith came to the small town of Weston and she became our doctor.  I thank God for that.
She, her husband and daughters also became good friends to my wife and I.  When you walk into the office a smile is always there to welcome you.  Dr. Keith is a great asset to our town... plus, she plays piano for the Salem Christian Church and what a joyful noise she makes.
Thank you Dr. Keith.

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