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First of all, I want to say thank you to Dr. Keith and all the staff at Weston Family Clinic and Genesis Medical Spa.  Without their support and knowledge i would not have been able to accomplish the weight loss that I have.  The weekly weigh ins and the amazingly nice staff at the North Land location kept me motivated and made me feel good and important.
In a matter of 5 1/2 months I have been able to lose and keep off 120 pounds.  This is something that I never dreamt would have been possible.  When I started this journey I though I would just be happy if I lost 75 pounds.  I even thought that was impossible.  But just a few weeks into starting the HCG diet I realized that I was going to reach my weight loss goal of 160+ pounds.
From the very beginning this diet has been simple and achievable.  When Dr. Keith first told me I could only eat 500 calories per day and a very specific group of foods I was apprehensive to say the least.  But from day one and starting the medicine, I realized that I simply was not hungry.  For me the smaller appetite was the most helpful aspect.  Over the past five months, I have learned a million new ways to cook chicken and really found a new found love for it as well.  On this diet you have to remember that Pintrest is your best friend.
Week after week at my weigh-ins, the weight was coming off and so were the inches.  Being as the weight loss was so visible it really kept me going! In as little as two weeks people in my life were noticing a change in me.  The compliments and the well wishes kept rolling in.
Now at 120 pounds lighter I have a completely different outlook on life and a completely different love for myself.  It feels simply amazing to be healthier, to be more active and to be more confident.
Thank you Dr. Keith and your team for changing and saving my life!

Get Results at Our Genesis Weight Loss Clinic in North Kansas City or in Weston at the Weston Family Clinic.

The desire to lose weight is one of the most pervasive health and fitness goals held by most people. Whether it is for cosmetic or more serious health reasons, such as obesity, many are willing to try several different methods for weight loss. Dedication to maintaining healthy body weight benefits heart health and cholesterol, lowers the risk of diabetes and promotes a longer, happier life. It is common for overweight people aiming to lose pounds to engage in regular exercise and stick to a planned diet. However, this is not always effective. Diets often do not work as well or as consistently as they should, and even if they help a person lose weight, the person is rarely able to keep from eventually gaining that weight back. This is why if you are serious about losing weight, it is beneficial to do it with the help of a professional weight loss doctor at Weston Family Clinic & Medical Spa and Genesis Medical Spa.

Skilled Doctor Recommending HCG Weight Loss Program

Currently, one of the weight loss program with the highest rate of success is the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone, or HCG weight loss program. This program combines a low-calorie diet with daily sublingual drops of the HCG hormone to mobilize fat reserves and facilitate burning calories. Under normal circumstances, a low-calorie diet will slow one’s metabolism and cause the body to start storing fat, meaning the diet will become less and less effective as the body adjusts. The HCG hormone accommodates this by mobilizing this fat and making it easier to burn off through exercise and normal activity. With supervision from and periodic visits to our weight loss clinic, it can be extremely effective in shedding pounds and keeping them off.

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